Our state and our nation have become too divided. Instead of looking for solutions, too many of our political leaders try to score political points. At a time when the public demands less partisanship, the legislators in Raleigh are adding more of it. In towns and counties across the state, they’ve made non-partisan school board and municipal races partisan against the wishes of the people who live there. While states across the nation are taking partisanship out of their judicial contests, our legislators added it to ours. That’s wrong.

That’s why I’m starting Team Purple. We believe that our leaders can work together like they have throughout history to find solutions to our problems through team work and compromise. We need to reduce the partisan rancor in our politics and find ways to bring people together. We might not always agree but we can respect our differences. And we can find solutions, instead of divisions when we put our minds to it.

If you agree that we need less partisanship and more compromise, then join Team Purple. Together, we can find the common ground we need to move our state forward.